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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A little Hello from me

Hello there - I hope you are well! It's been ages since my last blog and thought it was about time I showed my face.

I'm looking out of the window at the pouring rain and thinking this time last week I was in Dubai in the warm Sunshine with my toes in the sand!

I was only there for a short time but it was just the tonic I needed away from the cold and miserable weather the UK has to offer! We soaked up the sun, splashed in water and ate nice food and most importantly spent time together as a family.

I was even lucky enough to have lunch at The Burj Al Arab - the most luxurious Hotel in the world -unfortunately I'm nowhere near rich enough to stay there! The restaurant is the bit sticking out of the side (see pic above) and had spectacular views.

Since I returned I have managed to be a little creative mainly on commissioned pieces! I'm still working on my Viking Weave creations and experimenting with different weaves. I don't know if anyone is interested in my creations but for me that's not what it's about - I just love to make lovely things. I'm still keen to work more with Precious Metal Clay and Polymer Clays as well as learn some Silversmithing techniques.