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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Porcelain and Silver

Porcelain in Jewellery is very effective - look at the work of Ruth Tomlinson and her beautiful Flora Collection. I recently had a go and found it quite tricky to work with, due to drying out and cracking.

Drying out for Biscuit Firing

I made various pieces using leaves and stamps to produce different effects.

Biscuit Fired Pieces dipped in a Blue Celadon Glaze

 Once Biscuit Fired the pieces can be glazed or oxidised depending on the effect you want. I opted for a traditional Porcelain Glaze - Blue Celadon. After Firing it turns a lovely Duck Egg Blue.

Finished Pendant accompanied by a PMC Silver Leaf.

Ceramic Jewellery by Joy Bosworth

Ruth Tomlinson's delicate rings are on the cover

If you are interested in Ceramic Jewellery this is a good book to start with containing lots of examples of Jewellers and Artists who work with this medium.