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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wax Carving Continued

My first attempt at Wax Carving wasn't that successful, the wax ending up snapping into pieces! That's the one on the right (below) prior to it's destruction.

 One of my rings did work. It isn't a world class piece of symmetry, I like to think of it as a more 'organic' piece. In fact I'm falling in love with organic shapes as they don't call for such perfection and mathematical accuracy! So here is  my ring now it has been cast in Silver.

I am going to stick at the Wax and learn a little more as I only scratched the surface (literally and metaphorically speaking!). I can see the possibilities...

I did manage to put the Resin to use after saying I probably wouldn't do it again! I made a Cake for Red Nose Day which was auctioned off to Staff at my Husband's place of work. I made a little Logo out of Resin to decorate the cake with. Not sure this is the correct use of Resin or that it met health and safety standards, but I can assure everyone nobody died as a result of eating my cake and it raised some cash for a good cause!

Red Nose Day Cake