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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Being Crafty

I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend at Moonfleet Manor. A beautiful family hotel in Dorset. I had lots of kiddie-free time, a facial, champagne, a yummy dinner, goodies and lots of relaxation. I can thoroughly recommend it! (they have a creche and lots of baby sitters!!!). I love my three boys but even I need a break!

I've been busy doing a few custom orders. Such as this bag charm. I really like making the bag charms - I get a real sense of satisfaction. Funny thing is I don't actually have any on my own bag! Silly really as it is a good way to advertise!

Speaking of promoting oneself - I recently took part in The Little Book of MISI. A great idea of Amy of Art by Mimi. She has very kindly put some crafty giveaways together to hand out at craft fairs with samples of work and business cards - primarily to promote MISI shops.

It's a bit similar to the Get Eurofied boxes I wrote about in my last blog but on a smaller scale. A big thank you is due to Amy who has done this all off her own back. She is about to embark on the 2nd Book of MISI.

I'm trying to be organised so I've started to make a few promotional items so I have stuff ready to go when these promotional opportunities arise! I just made this bunch of mini charms which I'll put in little Organza Bags and attach to my new Moo cards!

I made an extra little charm for a friend who is a hairdresser - hope she likes it!

I'm really pleased with my Moo cards and can thoroughly recommend them. People really seem to like them when you hand them one. I got the mini ones and some
stickers too!

I finally got round to immortalising my children's fingerprints in Silver. I'm still trying to perfect the art of using Silver Clay but hopefully will get there eventually.

That's all for now Folks! See you on Facebook, Twitter & Flickr!

p.s. I am thinking of having a giveaway on my next blog! Watch this space! Jo x

Monday, 9 March 2009

Treasure Trove

My computer has decided it's going to cooperate today so now I can get on with my blog!

I treated myself to a Get Eurofied Sample Box.

Some of you may already be familiar with Get Eurofied. They sell sample boxes containing samples from European Craft Sellers from sites such as Etsy and MISI .I was curious to see what other sellers had to offer and I'm a sucker for little surprises!
I was very excited when my box arrived and pleasantly surprised by the standard of the contents. I was like a child at Christmas with a box of treasure! It was interesting to see how other sellers represented themselves with a small sample. I had been thinking of doing this at some point myself.

My personal favourite item was a decorated bottle top magnet by Kitty Darkness Designs.

There were lots of useable items in the box which had you bought them all individually would have cost a lot more than the sampler box! I have lots of little things I'll give as presents and others I will keep for myself!!

             I also liked the mini-journal from Palepink

 This sea glass pendant from Blue Box Studio

               Hair Clip from Black Rose                                   


 Felt Heart from Vilt a la Kim


  Finally...a lovely Sterling Silver Butterfly Charm from Toosis.

These boxes make a lovely alternative gift idea especially for those people who are difficult to buy for! I can't wait for the next box - whether or not there will be something from me in there I don't know - there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day for me at the moment!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

A Few Nice Creations

I've had to buy a number of cards recently for various special occasions. I bought Handmade because they are so much more special - I bought from MISI of course!

I bought this lovely card from Natalie Richardson

I had the pleasure of being Natalie's first customer on MISI. As a thank you she sent me a lovely handmade Lavender filled heart. I've hung it near my bed because I love the to wake up to the smell of warm summer and sunshine! Lavender always has that effect on me!

All Natalie's products are made with the environment in mind and she uses recycled materials wherever she can. Even her packaging is biodegradable!

I have since been back for more and I'm sure I will be back again!

I got another special card for my niece from The Beading Lady

Helen (The Beading Lady!) is another MISI seller. She makes beaded bracelets and cards, and combines the two so you have a card and present all in one! She creates them for all ages too. 


 I also love her latest creation - these cupcake charms are really sweet.

As for me -I've just opened up shop at Folksy. I only have three things in there at present but hope to build on it soon.

Here is my latest creation - a small Floral Charm. Don't forget mother's day! (whenever that is!!!!). This Charm is listed at Folksy. :-)

Bye for now,

Jo xxx