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Friday, 18 February 2011


Ready to go!
I have 'had a go' with using Resin before. It was very smelly and I ended up throwing my creations in the garden to 'air'.

Pleased to say that now you can buy low odour stuff which makes working with it a lot more pleasant - especially when you're working in your home!

As part of a College project I had to create some resin pieces. I acquired some moulds although you can use other improvised things as long as the Resin isn't going to react with it and it will be flexible enough to get your piece out afterwards!. I had some packs of artificial Gold, Silver and Copper Leaf left over from a previous crafting venture which I thought would do well in Resin.

The Gold and Copper leaf Bangles turned out nicely (though not something I'd wear myself!).  So did the Rectangle Shapes.



I made a fatal error with the Silver Leaf Bangle; make sure you mix your quantities of Resin and Hardener properly and precisely! This Bangle is meant to be hard but I could bend it in half like a piece of rubber!

Big Mistake - Bendy!!!!

The above pieces need to be filed and sanded and polished. An old Nail File, Wet and Dry Sand Paper and some water is used to tidy up the edges, then some Vonax Polishing Compound for Resin and Perspex.

That's that! I was surprised how far my two small bottles of Resin and Hardener actually went. I still have half the bottles left. Not sure I'll be pursuing Resin any further though, at this point...