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Sunday, 1 March 2009

A Few Nice Creations

I've had to buy a number of cards recently for various special occasions. I bought Handmade because they are so much more special - I bought from MISI of course!

I bought this lovely card from Natalie Richardson

I had the pleasure of being Natalie's first customer on MISI. As a thank you she sent me a lovely handmade Lavender filled heart. I've hung it near my bed because I love the to wake up to the smell of warm summer and sunshine! Lavender always has that effect on me!

All Natalie's products are made with the environment in mind and she uses recycled materials wherever she can. Even her packaging is biodegradable!

I have since been back for more and I'm sure I will be back again!

I got another special card for my niece from The Beading Lady

Helen (The Beading Lady!) is another MISI seller. She makes beaded bracelets and cards, and combines the two so you have a card and present all in one! She creates them for all ages too. 


 I also love her latest creation - these cupcake charms are really sweet.

As for me -I've just opened up shop at Folksy. I only have three things in there at present but hope to build on it soon.

Here is my latest creation - a small Floral Charm. Don't forget mother's day! (whenever that is!!!!). This Charm is listed at Folksy. :-)

Bye for now,

Jo xxx


  1. Thank you Jo!
    Really appreciate the mention!

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning me! I'm really touched.
    Best of luck with Folksy. I'm just off to follow your lovely blog ;)

  3. Mother's Day is, er, sometime soon! It's definately this month anyway! I've started buying handmade too, found some wonderful things. I'm trying to be good and just buy for other people though!

  4. Those cupcake charms are cute! All the best with your Folksy shop Jo!

  5. Thanks for your lovely comments!

  6. Loving the cupcake charms. Good luck on Folksy - I have a store on there too. I shall add you to me favourite shops. Viv

  7. I love the little floral charm. So sweet.


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