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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Jolicious Giveaway!

I've had a really relaxing Easter. First in Scotland visiting the in-laws then in Cheshire visiting my family. The boys were really happy to catch up with family and to have a change of scenery. They enjoyed their Coke Floats in Nardini's just like Daddy used to get when he was little!

In Cheshire we were just in time for an Easter Egg Hunt in Nan & Grandad's back Garden. Take note of the double baskets - that's optimism for you!

If anyone has mastered the art of getting all three of their kids to pose for the camera at the same time please get in touch!

Now it's competition time!!!

It's very simple - all you have to do is go to either my MISI or FOLKSY shops and decide which item you like best and leave a comment at the end of this blog. On Sunday 3rd May one of the lovely boys in the picture above will pull the Winner's name out of a hat.

The Winner will receive their favourite item from my shop (subject to availability! It's always good to have a second choice!).

So there you go! Easy! Bye for now xxx


  1. oooh, giveaways - I love 'em! I've just acquired my very first pair of copper earrings, and I htink your necklace would go beautifully - so that's my first choice.

    As you say, it's always good to have a second choice in case someone inconsiderately buys my second choice would be this lovely bracelet

    I'm very impressed with how neat your wire wrapping looks, mine doesn't bear close inspection.

  2. This one is on my wish list

  3. I absolutely adore your floral bag charm/brooch. It's simple yet so beautiful. I'd get so much use from it! xxxxx

  4. Ooooo.... toughie. I love all your pieces, but I have to go for the sea glass bookmark on Misi...

    I just adore this sea glass, it's amazing. :)

  5. Ooh, what a good idea, mind if I nick it for when I eventually get my jewellery blog going?

    I love the lilac venetian pendant, so fingers crossed I win!

  6. ohh i love a giveaway! there isn't anything in your shop i don't like so bit tough choosing a favourite lol. SOOO as i don't very often wear jewellery i'm picking somthing that my daughter would love, this is 1st choice - Child's Aventurine Stretchy Bracelet and 2nd (just in case :)) is Child's Necklace (Grey)
    oh & nardini's! - YUMMM!!

  7. My fave is the Pink Heart Suede Necklace ~ Stunning!

  8. What a great giveaway - it's hard to choose but I think my favourite is your 'Lilac Chain Maille Bracelet' on Misa and my second choice would be your 'Elasticated Silver-plate Bungee Bracelet' on Folksy.
    Please come to my blog as I am just about to post my own giveaway.
    Kristin :)

  9. Ooo it's difficult to pick out just one favourite but I think it will have to be the Indian Summer bracelet in your Folksy store. A close second would be the Sea Glass bookmark!

  10. Oooo, it's really hard choosing isn't it! My fave is

  11. My favourite is the glass bookmark on MISI.
    It's really pretty and simple

  12. Hi,

    really great items you have in your misi shop...

    my favourite has to be the blue lariat... just added to my wish list as well ! ;-)


  13. It's hard to decide, especially as you have different things in your shops! From your Folksy shop I would have to say your Aventurine Copper necklace, and from your Misi shop I would say your Floral Bracelet.

  14. My favorite is the hanging heart necklace on Folksy its simple but gorgeous, those green beads are amazing. Second choice would have to be the Lilac necklace also on Folksy.
    Good luck peeps :o)

    ps. Im new on here HELP!!!! pmsl

  15. Everything in your shop is just GORGEOUS! But if I had to pick it would be THIS I just love the colours!

    And OMG - coke floats, haven't had one of them for years!! LOL

    Lou xx

  16. This is so tough Jo, how can I pick just one!! I'd have to say it gotta be this on Misi: although your squiggle book mark is gorgeous too! Both of which are on my wish list!!
    and this: on Folksy

    I think it's a fab pic of your boys - obviously far to eager to get hunting and eating to stand around being photographed!!
    x x

  17. Spring Flowers Bag charm, that's my favourite. Very pretty with the leaves & flowers. Yes, it's hard enough trying to photograph my 2 children, so 3 must be near impossible! x

  18. The one on my wishlist it the Blue Lariat. Lovely and simple. Just what I need.

  19. Oh OK, my favorite item in your shop is your floral bookmark:
    I love the colours you used and the pretty silver decorated core as well. I guess if I had it I would probably spend too much time looking at it and playing with the flowers than concentrating on my book!!!

  20. My fav is this lariat, but then I do have a thing for blue:)

  21. oooh jo thats just not fair i had my two choices and you've added another necklace that i like too!!!
    having bought a bag charm from jo i can say her jewellery is just beautiful....
    right now for my choices
    my first choice would be the bungee bracelet with the green indian glass beads on folksy i just love green...
    then my second choice was the floral bookmark on misi which i can just imagine me out in the garden under the tree with a good book and the floral bookmark to mark the page for when i nod off to sleep in the sun/shade
    and then jo listed the hang heart necklace on folksy to match the bungee bracelet so that's my third choice - greedy i know


    this bookmark really does it for me, i love seaglass, something so organic & beautiful about it i can image stroking it while reading a lovely book in the sunshine.
    what a great giveaway.

  23. Lovely pieces, thank you for sharing! Okay then, my definite favourite is the green venetian pendant:

    then my second fave is the purple swirl pendant:

    Thanks! Jo x

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. I removed the last post due to the number of typos - I really should spell check before pressing 'post'

    Here's what I wanted to say ...
    I remember when my Mum used to drag us in to Leeds for the biannual clothes shop (winter wear and summer wear) - we were bribed to be good with coke floats. I used to feel like a queen when I drank one. That was about a gazillion years ago.

    You have loads of beautiful stuff. The hanging heart is stunning and I'm particularly drawn to the butterfly book mark as I've started to read the Twilight series after being nagged by my teenage daughter.

    Have just become a groupie too!

  26. I like your copper Carnelian bracelet as the copper really complements the carnelian beads well and its a simple yet elegant style.

  27. I am really in to green at the moment so my favourite item is the green venetian pendant.

  28. I love the Indian Summer bracelet in your Folksy shop. I thinks its the combination of the copper and green - lovely!

  29. I meant to add in my previous post (further up!) that what a small world it is! Nardini's eh - I live half an hour from Largs so know exactly where you were, wow! This is daft that I live so close but it's been YEARS since I've been there! I had my wedding last year just a little bit down the coast from here - Seamill, do you know it? I'm guessing your hubby is from this coastline???? Wow this is freaky. Your boys are gorgeous by the way, which reminds me I must post a pic of my fabby kids on my blog!!! Jo xxx

  30. hmmmmmm, thats tough, you have nice pieces but as I have lots of jewellery it would have to be the very lovely butterfly bookmark.

  31. The green venetian pendant on Misi is my favourite.

  32. It just has to be that fabulous Indian Summer Bracelet. I love bronze jewellery, so much nicer than silver or gold. Wierdly I am very into green at the moment, strange as it was always my least favourite colour. Must be my heart chakra singing out.
    Please be mine lovely bracelet!!

    Love your blog and your stuff. XX

  33. I love this item. Loks like so much work has gone into it. Very high end work at a reasonable price.

  34. I love this pendant on Misi, the colours are just beautiful and it's perfect for Spring..

  35. OK, it was super hard to choose but the Copper Wire Bracelet is my choice, and I'm stickin' to it!
    ~Michele from "It's in the Bag!"


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