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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Giveaway Winner Announced

I went all high tech to draw the winner of this giveaway and used Random.Org - The number it threw up was number one :

So congratulations Elaine, the Flip Flop Charm and Beads are yours!

Yet again I feel bad that you can't all be winners. Keep coming back - I'll be having more competitions!

I've had a busy week with my MISI Shop - all those last minute Teacher gifts people have been buying! There is so much great talent on Misi and the community on there is like one big family always there to help each other. The sellers on there are always happy to take on a challenge.

My boys, who will be starting school full-time in September, went to visit their new class yesterday and I had the chance to see how their new chair bags looked. They were Custom made for me by Carolyn of Carolyn's Creations who did a fantastic job. She made exactly what the boys wanted with their names embroidered and pictures of their choice.

We will soon be going on our summer break - first to the Isle of Mull and then Aviemore in Scotland, finishing in Cheshire to see the family. If anyone knows of any great Crafty places or Bead Shops I can visit on my travels please let me know. Keep it quiet though - it's just between us - don't want hubby thinking I've got alterior motives!


  1. wow 1 very happy person here, thank you very much! xx

  2. That charm is gorgeous ! Congratulations to the winner .

  3. first off, sorry I have been such a neglectful blog friend lately, but I am back!! Assuming of course you missed me!
    Man, I never win anything!! But I do have your beautiful purse charm on my purse and think of you every time I see it!
    Your vacation sound so cool! Hope you take some pic's to share!
    ~Michele from By Your Side


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