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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Cakes @TheMakeLounge

I finally made it to a Cup Cake Decorating Class at The Make Lounge and enjoyed an expert session in piping and decorating from Cake Maker  Janine Rose.
Cake Making is another pleasure of mine but unfortunately I don't get to do it as often as I'd like - as much as I'd like to eat cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

In the class we learnt how to pipe and make sprinkles. I also made a rose out of marzipan!

Attending a class is a great way to pick up lots of useful tips they don't tell you in books!

I also learnt the many applications of edible glitter! Be warned though - it gets everywhere and sticks to your skin for days!

That was nice! 

We also got Janine's recipe to take home and now I know the secret of getting my cakes nice and flat without having to cut the peaks off! 
(You'll have to go to a class to find out!!!)

A fellow classmate's wonderful creations!


  1. TOO YUMMY!! Now I am HUNGRY!! Maybe I need to call my "Cupcake Goddess," Brittney, and have her whip me up a few - and warn her there is another goddess in the making!!

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