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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Rings and things...

It's a busy time of year. We've had lots of birthdays and scrummy cakes to make, bake and eat! As well as a truck load of Sweets from Halloween to work our way through!

I did find time to make a Rainbow Tiara for a little girl to have fun with at the Dressing Up Box. It's one way of using up all the odd Swarovski Crystal Beads I seem to have accumulated over time. 

Now I'm over the need to Bead and need to create everything from scratch - hence my current obsession with Silversmithing. I've been busy at the Bench experimenting with rings and different kinds of Silver Wire -Square, round, D-Shape....

A friend has asked me to recreate this ring made using Square Wire but in a larger width.

 I have made a start and formed the shape, sawn through it to make a good joint, soldered and pickled it and now starting to file and sand it.

Hopefully it will turn out as nice as the first one although it has been much tougher to form with the wire being thicker! Lots of Annealing going on (heating the Silver with a Torch to soften the metal).

I will be attempting a Bezel Setting next week......

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  1. Good Morning Jo!! The cakes and candy look YUMMY and that Tiara is way CUTE!! Silversmithing looks like fun, a lot of work, but fun!! Can't wait to see the final ring!!


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