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Monday, 17 January 2011

Wax Carving

Christmas seems like a dim and distant memory. Today Monday 17th January is meant to be the gloomiest day of the year - gloomy it is - the rain is pouring! A good day to stay in and potter about. I do find it hard to get motivated but today I did manage to focus on a few things.

I've been having a go at wax carving. I've started with a ring. Basically you cut a piece off a special wax tube and create what you want with the right tools and know how!

I haven't finished yet - still fiddling around with melting blobs and using a MAX WAX tool - which is basically a heated wire which enables you to cut or draw a pattern onto your wax. Wax Carving doesn't limit you to ring making. Wax blocks can be used to carve almost anything you want.

I haven't had anything Cast into Silver yet so I will unveil the results on another occasion!

Now for the unveiling of my first Bezel Setting Ring! I used an Amethyst Cabochon.

It's not perfect but it looks ok when I'm wearing it! This project turned out not to be as difficult as I was expecting and I'll certainly have a go at some more - with large Cabochons so it's not so fiddly!


  1. BEAUTIFUL ring!! Can't wait to see you cast something in silver, you are just getting too crafty!! It's 4:45am here, I gave up on trying to sleep, it's still dark and raining BUCKETS!!

  2. Thanks Michele! 12.45pm here and dark and raining buckets! Can't wait for summer! Get some sleep! x

  3. Can't wait to see what your carved pieces look like when they are cast! Have been wanting to have a go at wax carving myself for a while now.

    Your amethyst ring is also lovely :)


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