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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sea Glass

I love Sea Glass but have never had much success finding any, until now. 

My small stash of finds

I'm probably looking in all the wrong places! I was thrilled to find a handful of pieces on a Dorset Beach more renowned for its Fossils than anything else! They are not great Specimens but they are still the first bits I found myself! My treasure.

Sea Glass for those of you who don't know are pieces of broken glass which have found their way into the sea long long ago. They have been tumbled through time becoming a smooth pebble and an opaque thing of beauty! They are the Jewels of the Sea and can come in many different colours.

Fossils in Dorset

I like the idea of recycling Sea Glass into Jewellery pieces. Turning something that was once discarded as rubbish into something beautiful.

Tweet! Tweet!

I made myself a Twitter Bird Pendant out of Silver sheet. Looking forward to finding the time to make more! Maybe bigger more elaborate Birds! Small steps....


  1. i like sea glass too

  2. As a child living on the coast we used to fill big jars with sea glass we collected on the beach. Now there are lots of plastic bottles washed up but very little glass!

  3. Such a beautiful bird! How did you make it, Jo Hannah?
    I also like to make things, but writes a lot about other things as well at my blog from Greece.
    I'm reading a blog, in swedish though (but you can translate it) from Bahamas. Carola, who lives there, is also saving seaglass, and writes about it often:

    I have found some pieces at Crete and saved them, but that was long before I heard about people collectin these! Next walk at the beach I definately will keep my eyes open! A frien of mine is saving stones which have heart-shape! I could never think it was possible to find many heart-stones! So, the world is full of possibilities!

  4. Uhooi,,
    Wow,, It works very good and creative,,


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