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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Learning new stuff!

I had a delivery of Cathedral Glass for my Stained Glass Panel project. I realised I had too many Opaques in the last batch and needed more transluscent ones as they are easier for a beginner to work with as you don't have to use a light box to see your design beneath your piece of glass!!

I was pleased to see an interview with Teri Howes in the latest issue of Beads and Beyond. She is a Crochet Jewellery Artist whose studio is based at Cockpit Arts in London. I met Teri on a Viking Weave Course run by Jean Power of Bead Magazine a few months back. I quickly signed up to one of Terri's Wire Crochet Jewellery classes which I will be attending next month. Have a look at some of Teri's creations, they are so delicate and beautiful! I love going on courses because you get to meet like-minded people, learn new skills, pick up tips you can't find in a book and find new inspiration!

I am trying to stock up my Misi Shop with some new things. It's hard to get anything done with the kids at home and not a lot of kid-free spare time. I did manage to make this bracelet today - a mixture of Pink Agate and Rose-Quartz. I think it looks quite summery amidst all the drizzle outside!


  1. Love the bracelet, it's beautiful!! Cheered me up on this rainy Oregon day! Thank you for putting my button on your page and for all of your kind words!

  2. Love the bracelet Jo. Look forward to seeing your glass creations too :O)

  3. I love the braclet Jo, your work is stunning. :)


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