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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Florence and Your chance to win some Beads!


I had a short but sweet trip to Florence in honour of turning Forty! I think I'm over that number now - life just goes on in the end! We were blessed with fabulous weather - hard to believe it was October!

I was pleased to find the Bead Shop I had read about in Bead Magazine some months prior - The Beaded Lily . I had a very nice chat with one of the owners and Lampwork Beadmaker extraordinaire Tim James . Naturally I couldn't leave without a little stash of his lovely beads to use in my Jewellery!

I still haven't found the time to start making my own beads yet - watch this space!

Giveaway Time!

It's time I had a little giveaway - I'm going to share a few Beads from my Florence stash. If you would like to be the recipient of these lovely 4 beads (above) from The Beaded Lily in Florence then all you have to do is:

1. Become a follower of my blog
2. mention this giveaway in a social networking medium of your choice - e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Blogger

Leave a comment at the end of this blog and I will enter you into the draw. I will pull a name out of the proverbial hat next Sunday 18th October.


I have a couple of Thank you's to make. First to the wonderful Michele of By Your Side who featured one of my bracelets in her handmade goodness feature - Check out no.3 in Michele's picture!

Thank you also to Monica at My Funny Bunny who wrote a lovely little piece about me! I made this baby bag charm for her Mega Mother and Baby Giveaway. Keep an eye on her blog so you don't miss the details of that competition!

I haven't handed out any awards yet but if I did these two ladies would be first in the queue!

I have been added a few little things to my Misi shop so please take a look if you get the chance!

Next up for me is a lesson in Polymer Clay Beads. I look forward to sharing the results with you!

Here is one of my latest creations - this wire crochet necklace with Garnet beads


  1. Have just twittered about it for you Jo, I am glad you had a lovely time and look forward to seeing the new creations!

  2. How lovely to have visited Florence. It's one of those "someday I'll go there" places I think about now and then. I re-tweeted your mention and will post about it in my Sunday link round up, too. Great contest!

  3. Lucky you - Florence is one of my favourite cities! I turned the big 4-0 not so long ago - it's nothing, you forget it quite quick, honestly :)

  4. I have blogged your competition for you!

    Florence sounds like a beautiful place, and you had a lovely time :)

  5. All followed up! Even managed to get you so that you come up on my Google Homepage!

  6. Just about to tweet about your giveaway. Florence looks lovely .....very jealous x

  7. I love to win some beads from Florence, Italy since I live in Florence, Alabama.

  8. I love the cuties!!!, please count me in, I'd like to win them, I'm your follower now...

  9. What beautiful beads! I'm glad you enjoyed Florence and thank you for the opportunity to win. I tweeted your message from @infinitealoe. Thanks again!


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