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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Playing with Polymer Clay

I recently went on a Polymer Clay course at The London Jewellery School and received some expert tuition from Polymer Clay Artist Debbie Carlton.

Debbie gave us an introduction to this versatile material along with many different techniques! What a wonderful material! It has so many possibilities and can be combined with other materials such as Silver.

Here are a few examples of what I produced on the day

This Pendant was a lesson in making texture. I also had a fiddle with the metallic powders which I applied to this Leaf Pendant

Metal leaf can be applied to Polymer Clay too as I have applied to the flower below.

Image transfer was so simple - The leaf image on the heart below came from a photocopy!

More experimenting with the metallic powders, cutting and stamping in these small Pendants

Polymer clay is great for bead making and we were taught how to produce our own beads from the conditioning of the clay all the way through to finishing and polishing the final piece. We played with making different shapes and learnt how to make 'canes' which produce the intricate patterns on beads.

But the really great thing about Polymer Clay is it's really hard to mess up! If you go wrong you just roll it up and start again!


  1. wow! I love the top one the best! Great work!

  2. it sounds fascinating - going to use your link to the london jewellery school now...

  3. oooh pretty! I want to do a course too, so I'm off to check out the school!

  4. The heart with the leaf transfer is my favourite although everything is fab. It looks a great course. Great stuff!!

  5. You made some beautiful beads! Polymer clay is a very exciting medium to work with. The possibilities are endless. I've been working with it for years and see no end to what can be done with it. Nice to see you've joined the fun! ~ Cindy Lietz

  6. These are great, lots of potential

  7. Those are gorgeous! I really love the heart with leaves. Good luck with your new skills - hopefully the endless possibilities won't leave you stumped for what to do next!

  8. your jewllery looks beautiful. I'd love to review it.

    For all things fashion:

  9. That's really inspirational. Love that heart with the leaves especially.

  10. Fantastic beads and pendants. Good for you. Makes me want to start working with polymer.

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