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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Time for a Tiara!

Tiara making and Competition

I've been asked to make a Tiara - always up for a challenge! I was lucky enough to go to a Tiara making class where I picked up lots of useful tips and know-how! This course was at the wonderful London Jewellery School and is also a great idea if you are a bride and thinking of designing your own Tiara. Alas too late for me! I will have to be content with making for others!

I went for quite a random look for the Tiara I produced on the day - I guessed that this would be a bit more forgiving where mistakes occur! You can see the result in the picture above.

The great thing about this course is that you learn to make everything yourself including the Tiara Band and every component. We also made a selection of other hair accessories using pins and combs.

Now I am ready to get on with the commissioned Tiara - so I'm off to the land of Swarovski....

Christmas is coming as you all know. Please visit Misi (Make It Sell It) to buy your handmade gifts!

This is a Crochet bracelet - a commissioned piece. If you don't see something in my shop I am alway happy to make something just for you! (As long as you don't want it by tomorrow!). That goes for most other sellers as well - always up for a challenge!

Thanks to Baggy T's for producing my Jolicious Jewellery bags!


1st Prize: A Jolicious Jewellery Bag (as shown above) and a Snowflake Charm

2nd Prize:
A Christmas Tree Charm

All you need to do to enter is leave a comment below and I will put your name in the hat. Competition closes on Sunday 29th December 2009.

Til next time! Bye!


  1. Hi

    I love the tiara you made. If like I can put a link on my stationery page for you. People are always looking for tiaras.

  2. Beautiful tiara! I want to try........ :D

  3. the tiara you made is so pretty! im useless with wore work so well done!

  4. hi jo
    love the tiaras
    and the giveaway prizes too!!!

  5. wow, you have been the crochet braclet! In fact I love all of your stuff! Off to Misi for a nosey :^)

  6. Good morning Jo!! Wish me luck! I love your charms, and think of you everyday when I see my purse charm!!

  7. Gorgeous Tiara, something I have never tried to make. Looks like fun x

  8. Beautiful tiara!
    And I love the charms...
    pippirose59 at gmail dot com


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